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An open letter to parents of youth and teen athletes

Dear Parents,

I see you. I'm one of you. And we need to talk.

This is the year you need to be celebrated. The year your contributions get acknowledged. Your passion, love, endurance, all of it, receives its due.

We all know how hard it is these days for kids and teenagers to compete in the sports they love.

It used to be one school-based team, one season, one set of cleats, one play-in fee, one home field, one year at a time.

Not any more.

Skills camps and speed training in the off season, club teams before and after school teams, multiple leagues, holiday tournaments, college showcases. Oh yeah, and they have school.

Our sons and daughters, they put their hearts into this.

And so do you.

It takes money, a lot of laundry, gas, schedule logistics, frozen pizzas, specialized equipment like cleats for grass and shoes for turf, hours spent on cold aluminum bleachers or in the rain in a camp chair.

You live and breathe with each game, you bond with the other parents and make friendships, but you also feel the excitement and disappointment your child or teen feels every single game.

And that's all with just one child. Many of you, me included, have two, three, four or more children playing sports or involved in other activities.

Some weeks, you're just trying to get by. Some months, you just want to get to that break in the schedule between Fall season and indoor winter season. Just a few precious weeks. No practices. No games. Just ... ahhhh.

A group of Baseball Team Moms pose behind home plate.
Team Moms(and Dads), this is your year to be recognized and celebrated.

You deserve to be celebrated, parents. No child can play without a supportive adult behind him or her, no season is possible without the hard work of parents and volunteers.

I just want to say, this is the year you should be applauded. This is the year you should receive thanks. This is the year where we remember everything you've done to help a son or daughter live their dream.

Thank you parents!


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