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How much do athlete and team portrait experiences with CSP cost?

This is one of the most important parts of the whole portrait experience, isn't it?

We parents give so much to the athletes in our families - all the driving, the laundry, the snacks, the washing of water bottles, the hour after hour sitting on camp chairs on the sideline.

The last thing any of us want to do is waste money (especially on photos of our child and his or her team).

And let's be honest - many of us have wasted a lot of money on some bad pics from team picture days of the past.

That's why when I started Creative Sports Photography, not only did I want to create a joyful, meaningful experience for local athletes, I also wanted to marry that meaningful experience with high value.

A youth softball player holds a bat and smiles
It matters to me that you get more out of these athlete portrait experiences than you invest.

After all, what honestly is the point of paying for bad photography? I'd argue there is no point.

However, paying for great photography that's meant to be seen prominently in print? The kind of photography that pulls those heart strings and shows off what playing a sport means to our child or teenager?

Oh, that's totally worth it.

Today, I wanna breakdown for you how much the portrait services with Creative Sports Photography cost (as of July 2023) so you know right upfront what the value is and can decide if CSP is right for you.

Ready? Here we go!

Individual Athlete Portrait Experiences

This is the premier service CSP offers, a customized portrait session designed just for your child or teen athlete.

Your family's athlete gets one-on-one attention, an individualized portfolio plan and gallery, a celebration of who your child or teen is and why playing. matters so much.

After all, when their playing days are done, they don't ever come back.

High school basketball player dribbles the ball.
Working one-on-one with CSP means a customized session so you get the athlete portraits you've always wanted.

This time is fleeting. It's irreplaceable. Once it's gone, there won't be another chance at making these athlete portraits.

An individual athlete portrait experience costs $545 plus Pennsylvania state sale tax.

What you receive for that investment is this:

  • A highly personalized pre-session process that connects you and your family's athlete with the CSP team. We want to respect who your athlete is, what makes them unique, what makes them joyful about playing.

  • An on-location portrait session at a field, court, or pool, allowing for a wide range of creative backgrounds so your athlete can feel comfortable. Sessions often last an hour and even longer if we're having a blast and jamming with creativity.

  • You not only get some pretty cool portraits of your athlete, but we'll also make time to get some action portraits too. We're talking athletes here. Let's get them moving and showing off exactly what they're capable of.

  • A 6x9" leather bound album featuring your 14 favorite images from our session. These are meant to be page turners. They are meant to last. They are meant for you to show off to your family and friends.

  • Your own password-protected image collection from which you can order more high quality print and high resolution digital products.

If you'd like to know more about how individual athlete portrait sessions work, including what other signature products CSP offers (OMG, those mounted metal prints!!!) or if you'd like to include a sibling, send me a message at

Now, onto team portrait experiences.

Team Portrait Experiences

Easily the most popular portrait service Creative Sports Photography offers. And it's hardly a surprise.

Parents, coaches, club officials, and (of course) the players have been calling for a more meaningful team picture day experience. Something, dare I say, that's worth the cost.

It's long overdue.

A youth ice hockey team together yells "let's go!"
We're long overdue for a better, more meaning team picture day. You agree?

The investment for one team is $95. If you are signing up multiple teams (like a JV and a varsity squad), then the investment is only $65 per team.

Here's what parents receive for that upfront investment:

  • An on-location portrait session complete with CSP's signature studio lighting style

  • Multiple portrait looks of each player so that parents have choices when ordering their favorite images

  • A chance for the members of the team to showcase their personalities. They can join with other team members too. This expands the variety of images from which you can pick (instead of the old fashion one image, one player those other sports photographers do).

  • Coaches and sons/daughters get their time too. I've coached my children, and I know what time means to you (and to them) when you're on the field with them.

  • We finish up with the team portraits, and to the best of our ability, we'll give you something unique, something that showcases what playing together means.

Once the session is complete, CSP gets to work professionally editing the images so you have a password-protected, online gallery.

And from that gallery, you can order print packages or ala carte, whatever suits your needs.

If you're interested in learning more about team portrait experience, send a message to me at and I'll send you a digital brochure that answers your questions.

Athlete and team portrait services that matter

CSP has developed its own signature lighting method for these services.

The point?

Because every time I'm photographing your family's athlete I want to deliver images and prints that are meant to be seen, to be hung on a wall prominently, to proudly show to your athlete and to others what your child/teen means to you.

That's what makes this service so meaningful.

A youth swimmer looks off camera.
CSP is always going for the "Oh Wow!" reaction.

I love showing the athletes and their parents what these images look like right away.

Every time, I'm going for a "Oh Wow!" reaction from you.

It matters to me that these images mean something to you. It matters to me that you receive more from these experiences than what you invest.

I understand. I played, I've coached, I'm a parent, too.

Creative Sports Photography is the premier athlete portrait service in Central Pennsylvania. Based in Lancaster and available anywhere, CSP's owner and chief image maker Dave Pidgeon delivers bold, dynamic, elite portrait experiences for athletes of all ages and levels, from T-Ball to pro. You can contact Dave by clicking here.

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