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How to make your athlete portrait experience unforgettable

We all want something unique. It's just human nature.

So when it comes to athlete portrait experiences, let's talk about a few ideas that can make what already will be a one-of-a-kind photo session even more unique to the athlete in your family.

After all, these athlete portrait sessions are designed to showcase who they are and what playing and competing mean to them.

A boy soccer player at sunset.
There are several ways to make your athlete portrait experience even more unique and meaningful.

The journey your daughter or son is on is unique to them. It has helped shape the person they are today.

Let's celebrate that during the portrait session. Here a few ways:

Bring that special piece of gear

I still have my first Little League glove.

My grandfather gave it to me as a birthday gift, and it was ENORMOUS. I mean, it's still too big for my hand today, and it was so large that it earned a nickname - The Laundry Basket.

A lot of athletes have a particular piece of gear that holds special meaning.

Girl softball player smiling.
Bring along a special or lucky piece of gear that's been essential to your journey as an athlete.

A scuffed up bat. An well-worn glove. A lucky shirt. Their first helmet.

Anything that is unique and special to them? Bring it! No matter how dirty or beat up, that will give the athlete portraits special meaning.

Home field advantage

Speaking of Little League ...

The field where I learned to play and love the game of baseball, it's gone.

For some reason, what had been a public park and the scene of so many of my memories is now an overgrown field of weeds so thick you can't even see the diamond anymore.

I don't have any photographs of those playing days. Nothing but how I remember it.

I am at heart what's known as an "environmental portrait photographer." It means I specialize in creating portraits of athletes in the place they love to play.

A boxer wraps his hands in tape.
Pick a place for your athlete portraits that holds special meaning for you, a place that helped make you the athlete you are today.

If there's a field, court, or pool that carries special meaning, let's try to create the portrait experience there.

It could their home varsity stadium. Or it could be the pool where they first learned to swim. What about the outdoor basketball court where they used to play pickup games with the neighbors?

Imagine the possibilities.

Bring a teammate (or two)

No one's journey as an athlete is a solo one.

Even cross country runners, golfers, and track sprinters have coaches, mentors, and teammates.

I can think of no better way to boost the experience of athlete portraits than to do this with a teammate. Or two. Maybe three.

A group of girl soccer players pose for a picture.
Friends and teammates - together they help elevate the athlete portrait experience.

Actually, athlete portrait sessions are available for up to four players at one time (any more than that it becomes a team experience, which kicks in a separate pricing list).

Why not have a friend or a few teammates with your son or daughter? After all, these portrait sessions are designed to celebrate who the athlete in your family is, and if who they are is largely because of the shared experience they've had with others, then it only makes sense.

Besides, I can guarantee you, having a teammate or best friend there can help make the time more enjoyable and create a memory in and of itself.

These are just a few ideas to make the athlete portrait experience with CSP more unique and meaningful. Have any others? Or questions? Reach out! I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Creative Sports Photography provides athlete and team portrait experiences for youth, high school, college, and pro sports. Based in Lancaster, Pa., and available anywhere, CSP creates portraits that reflect what this time competing and playing sports means to an athlete. Contact CSP’s CEO and chief image maker Dave Pidgeon if you’re interested in booking a session.


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