Three reasons why you should apply for CSP's high school rep program

For years, portrait photographers who specialize in high school senior portraits have offered soon-to-be graduates a special program.

If the graduating senior agrees to share images on their social channels and to talk up the photography experience with their peers, in exchange, the photographer offers them special rates and perks.

It's a pretty cool program. You become a rep for the photographer.

What if, though, you aren't a graduating senior?

high school boy swimmer smiling at camera
Anderson Pilsner | Swimming | Manheim Central

What if you're a student-athlete, any class and any sport, who wants the kind of athlete portraits Creative Sports Photography makes in and around Lancaster, Pa.?

And what if you could have those portraits at a special rate by sharing the images we make together, by telling your teammates and friends what the athlete portrait experience is like?

What if you became a high school rep for CSP?

CSP has opened applications to a select group of high school student-athletes, and on this post, I'm going to list three reasons why you should apply.

It's open to any student, regardless of class or sport

Most high school senior portrait photographers open their rep programs up only to students who are graduating.

Of course. It makes sense.

But what if you're a freshman or sophomore? Or what if you're already a senior and you missed out on those programs?

CSP's high school rep program is open to any student who is currently enrolled and plays a sport.

High school girls lacrosse player at sunset.
Autumn Rhoads | Lacrosse | Hempfield

Are you a junior who runs cross country? A freshman soccer player? A sophomore on the JV basketball team? A senior field hockey player? You're eligible.

You don't have to wait until you're graduating to get amazing portraits. You can apply now for CSP's high school rep program.

You'll be featured in this space

Before I started Creative Sports Photography, I worked as a newspaper and magazine writer.

I loved that job. When you're in a position to listen to other people tell their stories, it makes life meaningful.

Athlete portraits are a lot like that and then some. We're not only going to make dynamic portraits but we're also going to feature you and your journey as an athlete.

I interview every high school rep to hear about how your journey began, how you overcame moments that were challenging, and what you see as the path ahead.

Girls soccer player holding a ball.
Gracyn Brandt | Soccer | Hempfield

Then, I'll publish our interview along with the portraits we make. You'll be able to share it with college recruiters or even potential employers.

It's kind of the secret here for our high school reps. You not only get a trained photographer who enjoys making athlete portraits and you get a special rate but also a professional journalist who's been published in national and regional magazines to tell your story.

And speaking of the special rate ...

You get a special price only available to CSP high school reps

Yeah, this might be obvious, but it's worth talking about.

You can get a massive price reduction if you're chosen for the CSP high school rep program.

Here's how it works:

  • Right up front, you'll receive $75 off the portrait session price. And from our portrait session, you're going to get three high res images with CSP's watermark at no additional cost. Then ...

  • If within four weeks you share those images on your social channels plus make one your profile pic for a month, you'll receive another $75 off the total price of downloading your whole gallery. That means 35-45 total high res, watermark free images. Plus ...

  • You'll get a free 20x30 mounted print of the image of your choice that's worth $75.

No one else gets this special rate. Only those chosen for the CSP high school rep program.

The special rate is my "thank you" for being part of this CSP team and for talking to your teammates and friends about what we create here.

Boys tennis player at sunset.
Matthew DeBord | Tennis | Lancaster Catholic

If you're interested or want to apply, email me at and I'll send the application to you.

Don't wait. There are only six open slots for the rep program, and with so many eligible high school student-athletes in and around Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Lebanon, they could go fast.

And don't forget to sign up for our email newsletter where CSP often makes announcements, coupon codes, and so on.

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