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Reinventing team picture day

Hey there! Welcome to team portrait experiences with Creative Sports Photography. CSP has been on a mission to reinvent and reinvigorate what team pictures are all about, and you get to be part of that.


That's why I built a lighting system and portrait service that delivers images you actually want. 


For your children or teens, it means having a photographer who aims to capture their unique personalities and what makes them together a team.

I know you have questions, and that's why I've put together this page so you know what to expect from team portrait experiences with CSP.

Sue Burke-Ashton, parent of high school softball and lacrosse players

"Dave captured a side of my daughter that I've never seen and I truly appreciate what magic he was able to wield behind his camera.
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What to know before the session

Parents, I have good news for you. Unlike other services, you don't need to mess with paper forms or even pay a single cent before you ever see an image of your player.

I believe I have more than enough incentive to create images you actually want to buy.


And I'm a parent like you, which is reason enough to put heart and soul into every single team portrait experience. You should expect nothing less.

Your coach and I will work together to designate a time and a place for the portraits.

What's different about CSP's team portraits 

It's simple.

When's the last time a photographer asked your son or daughter what they wanted out of team pictures?

This isn't about posing or how a player should hold a ball. This isn't about the photographer's ego.


This is about who your child or teen is as a player, a competitor, a human being. 

This is about teammates and friends. This is about a young person living her or his dream.

The photography should reflect that.

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During the session

This is an event. So are parents welcome to attend?


You're darn right you are. I've seen parents create something akin to a tailgate party during CSP team sessions.

One super important tip for parents - let. your kids be kids.

I'll strive to capture that clean uniform because I know for so many that's important. However ...

If someone has dirt or grass stains on their uniform, and that's the kind of player or kid they are, perfect. It makes for more interesting portraits, anyway.

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You've got the look

I strive to create several different images of each player. That way you have choices when picking which to purchase.

I also ask the players to give me two expressions. One, simple joy. Second, a game face, something that in the eyes reveals a competitor's fire.

This often means both parents and players feel they're getting an image they want.

I also want to make time for siblings who might be on the same team, teammates who've become friends, fellow members of the same graduating class, anything that shows friendship and camaraderie.

2022-12-23 Hempfield Swim Team-16.jpg
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What about the weather?

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