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Let's make team picture day mean something

About Team Picture Day with CSP

Greetings, South Middleton Soccer Association! I can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity to share with you what Creative Sports Photography can provide your players, coaches, and parents. I've set this page up to go over the experience and to answer your questions. You can of course reach out to me at 717-669-2026 or at if you'd like to discuss further.

MTSC U12 Boys MT 1-64.jpg

The Vision

I started Creative Sports Photography as a T-ball coach and a former wedding/portrait photographer. What I discovered was a need among fellow parents for a new approach to team picture day, one that helped their sons and daughters (no matter their ages) feel seen and respected. It was time for an experience that put heart and soul in creating the images because, after all, you deserve a team photographer who puts in the same effort as the athletes in your families do to play (and you do in support of them).

The experience

I've developed a signature athlete portrait style that delivers unique, eye-popping, on-location images of your sons and daughters. Wait until the first time they see themselves in a portrait that used to be only available to professional and high-level college athletes. It's more than that, though. The image making process is also efficient and done in a way to create a connection between the photographer and the young athlete so they feel comfortable and excited to be part of something unique and special.

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2024-05-06 PMSC U11 Girls-88.jpg

A track record of success

Just within three years, high-level athletes, teams, and clubs have brought Creative Sports Photography into their communities to revolutionize their team picture experiences. These include:

  • Manheim Township Soccer Club

  • Penn Manor Soccer Club

  • Millersville University

  • Palmyra Black Knights

  • Central Penn Panthers

  • Penn Manor Ice Hockey Club

  • Penn Manor Youth Baseball

  • Overlook Swim Club

  • Hempfield Varsity Softball and Swim Team

  • Penn Manor Basketball

  • Hempfield Youth Association Basketball

Images made to be shown off

Too often, sports parents are asked to spend money on mediocre pictures that end up stored in a desk drawer or a box. CSP aims to create images that are meant to endure and represent what this all-too-brief time in our children's lives means to them (and to us parents).

Because of the special effort that goes into creating athlete portraits like this, CSP relies on one of the top print labs in the country to deliver the best quality prints available.

CSP offers digital and print packages to help parents save as well as ala carte options and special gifts. The entire price list is below.

MTSC U8 Girls MT 4-44.jpg

Print and Digital Packages

Bold - ($65)

One set of 4 wallets, three 5x7"s, one magnet frame, and one free digital download

Dynamic - ($87)

Two sets of 4 wallets, four 5x7"s, one 10x13", two magnet frames, and two free digital downloads

Elite - ($115)

Two sets of 4 wallets, four 5x7"s, one 16x20", one hinged memory mate, three free digital downloads

Package of Five Printable Digital Downloads - $225

Ala Carte

Digital Downloads

One Printable Digital Download - $54


Set of four wallet-size - $15

5x7" - $17

10x13" - $27

16x20" - $79

24x36" - $224


15 oz. coffee mug with one image - $29

Hinged Memory Mate - $47

Framed Magnet - $16

Single Image Statuette - $54


Q: Do you use a natural background or PhotoShop a soccer-theme background?


My specialty is in on-location lighting and portraiture. I love the challenge of creating amazing portraits where your son and daughter play no matter where. I'm also dedicated to creating true-to-life portraits that represent who your players are where they play.

Q: Do require the whole team to be present or do you create composites for team portraits?


A: I don't create composites. In fact, I hardly use PhotoShop at all, aiming to create the most accurate portraits as possible in the moment they are created.

Q: How soon will images be available for purchase?

A: Usually, the images are ready to purchase about 10 days after they are created (and often sooner).

Q: Are there any forms to fill out?

A: No. Nope. Nada. In fact, parents for clubs like SMSA don't have to pay for images before they see them. That's my incentive to work hard and create images they actually want to purchase.

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