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Practice Time Is Precious.
Count on CSP to respect that.

Hey there! How's it going?

To get ready for team picture day, I thought it would be a good idea to go over how Creative Sports Photography's workflow goes so the players, coaches, and parents know what to expect.

The workflow I've developed grows out of an abiding respect for one of the most important commodities in sports - practice time.

I coach too. I get it.


Since the majority of team picture days occur during a practice, I wanted to develop a workflow that maximizes efficiency while balancing the high quality you've come to expect from Creative Sports Photography.

Ready? Let's dive in.

Team Picture First

As much as possible, I like the team picture to be the first thing we do.


Why? This way you can begin practice and it can flow all the way to the end while individual portraits are created.


The alternative is to stop practice early to get the team picture, and I've found most coaches don't like that as much.

When we begin, let's have the players line up by height. Then I can arrange the players and coaches for the team picture.

And this isn't your typical team picture. I like to arrange the players in a way that gets your parents a unique look.

PMSC 11F-3.jpg
PM Baseball Gold Gang-74.jpg

Individual Player Portraits

After the team picture is done, it's time for the individual player portraits.

I've found the most efficient way for this to work is for groups of three players to get their individual portraits done while the rest of the team practices.

We'll then rotate the rest of the players in groups of three.

Why three? I've found it works the quickest.

I strongly suggest that the players engage in light drills. Let's face it, I work for parents as much as coaches do, and we know how parents feel about sweaty photos of their kids.

With each players, I strive to create multiple portraits so parents have choices when it comes time to order.

Each player takes only about 3-5 minutes.

Groups: Coaches, Children and Siblings

The conclusion of a CSP team picture day is the group portraits.

Coaches and children. Coaches together. Siblings (if they play on the same team). 

This is done last because it requires a different lighting set up.


It's quicker and more efficient to take care of all the individual images while the lights are set up a certain way, and the same is true for group images.

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