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About Team Picture Day Experiences

"We have had pictures with CSP twice now and they exceed all expectations!

-Casey L., high school swim parent

A bond of friendship, camaraderie, and shared experience is formed during a sports season.

CSP strives to capture that spirit in every team portrait experience.


You deserve nothing less from your team's photographer.

The players deserve to have a photographer who respects them and what makes them a unique team.


And parents, for all the support you give and the hours spent (even in bad weather) on the sidelines being your child's No. 1 fan, you deserve to have portraits that reflect the commitment and sacrifices you've made.

Are you ready for a team portrait experience that creates a memory of its own?

2022-10-05 PMSC 13F-48.jpg

Take it to a higher level

The days of mediocre team pictures are done.

CSP has dedicated itself to revolutionizing what team picture experiences mean by making them meaningful and an important part of your season.

It means respecting the athletes and coaches, getting to know who they are and what makes your team unique.

The result is images you actually want to keep. And a photographer who becomes a fan.

And you get images in a style that blows away your competitors.

Giving players and parents choices

It only makes sense to use our time together to create multiple portraits of each player.


And CSP's Dave Pidgeon has developed his own lighting and workflow to deliver results.


Plus, it just makes sense for you to actually see the images before you buy prints. 

That way players and parents have choices in what they purchase so you receive images you actually want.

That's just common sense.

Macy Zohn-31.jpg
2022-09-18 CV Girls Volleyball-39.jpg

High Quality Prints You and Your Athlete Deserve

Team portrait experiences with Creative Sports Photography begin at $125 per team.


If you're a club or organization with multiple teams, the cost is $95 per team.

Each session includes individual athlete portraits, coach and child portraits, and team portraits.

And CSP offers signature prints and other gifts/keepsakes.

Be the No. 1 fan of you family's athlete. Book now and leave mediocre team picture days behind.

Team Picture Experience Pricing

*Pricing is current as of January 2024 and is subject to change. Pricing will be honored at time of booking. There is also a minimum of $25 per individual purchase.



*Investment reserves your preferred time and date. 



Bold - $65

One set of four wallet-sized prints, three 5x7" prints, one magnet, and one digital download

Dynamic - $87

Two sets of four wallet-sized prints, four 5x7" prints, one 10x13" print, two magnets, and two digital downloads

Elite - $115

Two sets of four wallet-sized prints, four 5x7" prints, one 16x20" print, one hinged memory mate, and three digital downloads



Set of four wallet-sized prints - $15

5x7" print - $17

10x13 print - $27

16x20" print - $79

24x36" print - $224


One hi res file - $54

Set of five downloads - $225


15 oz. ceramic coffee mug - $29

Hinged Memory Mate - $47

Magnet - $16

8x10" Statuette - $54

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