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About Team Portrait Experiences

A bond of friendship, camaraderie, and shared experience is formed during a sports season.

CSP strives to capture that spirit in every team portrait experience.


You deserve nothing less.

The players deserve to have a photographer who respects them and what makes them a unique team.


And parents, for all the support you give and the hours spent (even in bad weather) on the sidelines being your child's No. 1 fan, you deserve to have portraits that reflect the commitment and sacrifices you've made.

Are you ready for a team portrait experience that creates a memory of its own? Reach out by clicking the link below.

2022-10-05 PMSC 13F-48.jpg

Why not make it fun?

Who says team portrait day has to be boring?

CSP works with teams from youth through college to highlight both the competitive and lighter side of each athlete who makes the team unique.

And CSP listens to the athletes to learn what they want to get out of team portrait day, which leads to better images you'll actually want to have.

Giving players and parents choices

It only makes sense to use our time together to create multiple portraits of each player.


And it just makes sense for you to actually see the images before you buy them. 

That way players and parents have choices in what they purchase and receive their favorites.

Macy Zohn-31.jpg
2022-09-18 CV Girls Volleyball-39.jpg

Are you ready?

CSP strives to create images that deserve to be printed and displayed in your home, office, and elsewhere.

And CSP has print and digital packages to help you save on every order.

To get started, email me at the link below or click on "Availability" above to see open time slots for team portraits.

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