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You only get one high school senior year. Make it count.

Work with the best to look your best

Be uniquely you

Have you ever noticed all the high school senior portrait photographers in Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania?

And have you ever noticed how so much of their images ... look the same?

Not everyone is made to look dreamy in a wildflower field.

Some are looking for a unique senior portrait experience, something that stands out from the crowd, one that requires the highest level of professional image making.

Because that VIP-level effort is worth it. And this time in your life only happens once.

This isn't a time to settle. It's a time to enjoy the extraordinary.

Austin Wenger (touchups)-5.jpg
2023-09-16 Jack Root-16.jpg

The experience

Think of the places you love to be, where you feel most comfortable, where you feel like yourself.

Think about what makes you you. Think about the journey you're on, where you come from, where you are, and where you want to go.

Now imagine a high school senior portrait experience based on that foundation.

The experience is about you, after all. Not the photographer.

CSP develops a session plan that includes multiple outfit changes and takes place in the locations you love.

And CSP brings its signature portrait lighting, available no where else, so you receive a gallery of images unlike any other.

Meet your senior portrait photographer

I'm Dave Pidgeon

Connection is powerful. It's as essential to beautiful portrait photography as creative lighting. I've spent my life as a journalist and photographer (a professional storyteller, in other words), and those skills are put to use when telling a high school senior's story through amazing images.

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