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Special Rate for Portfolio Sessions

Imagine being able to enjoy the elite portrait experience offered by Creative Sports Photography at a reduced cost.

All those premier images, all that personalized attention, all those high quality prints, all of it is possible ... for you.

From time to time, Creative Sports Photography puts out a call for portfolio sessions. These sessions are designed to help CSP build its amazing portfolio while also providing access to athletes like you to our elite portrait services.

How does it work? Check out the information below.

Ready to get started? Just click the button below and you're on your way to being part of the Creative Sports Photography team.


How Portfolio Sessions Work

Portfolio sessions work just like any other elite portrait session CSP provides athletes. Same amazing experience, same effort, same high quality images.

As a thank you for helping CSP expand its portfolio, I'm happy to reduce the regular session rate of $347 to just $197. 

What's more is that you will receive three of your favorite images in a watermarked digital download for free

Read on to learn about an opportunity to get even more that no one else receives. 

2022-09-18 CV Volleyball-73-Edit.jpg
2022-12-05 PM Hockey-322.jpg

Want one-third off your next order?

This is exclusive to only portfolio clients. No one else gets this opportunity.

If you share those three watermarked downloads on social media, you will receive a full 33 percent off your next order of prints or digital products.

That offer is not available to anyone else.

It's a way for me to say "thank you" for joining my team.

To say "thank you" for helping me make Creative Sports Photography the premier athlete portrait service around.

Want to reach out to learn more? Click the button below.

Current Portfolio Wishlist

CSP is looking for the following to participate in portfolio sessions:

-Equestrian sports

-Track & Field




-Kayaking or other outdoor adventure water sport

-Rock climbing or other outdoor adventure sport

-Outdoor sand volleyball

-Outdoor basketball

-High school senior girl athlete

-High school senior boy athlete

If interested, please contact CSP by clicking the button you see below.

2022-09-20 Boaz Gregory-48.jpg
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