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Creative Sports Photography

Elite portraits for your family's athlete
Based in Lancaster, PA | Available anywhere

You know that feeling you get when you realize this time in a youth or teenage athlete's life goes by way too fast?

That kid will grow up.


The kid we've raced to practice and for whom we've washed a uniform a thousand times, that kid we made frozen pizzas before a game and treated to ice cream afterwards, that kid we comforted after a tough loss and hugged in celebration after a huge accomplishment.


That's why with Creative Sports Photography, I make athlete portraits that reflect how they see themselves, and what this time means for them ...


And for you.

Are you ready for a meaningful athlete portrait experience?

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CSP's Image Services

Youth football player from Lancaster County

An entire creative portrait session designed for your family's athlete. Celebrate who they are and what makes them love to play with this option, and receive an entire gallery to celebrate your favorite athlete.

Lancaster Girls Volleyball Team Picture

What makes a team unique? What does it mean to be on a journey together? There's no other time in their lives like this season. Team portrait experiences are built to celebrate individuals and the team.

Lauren Dague-19.jpg

NEW!!! A high school senior portrait service unlike any other. CSP brings its elite lighting style and customizable options to create casual and athlete portraits that match what this special time means to you. 

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