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Elite Portraits for Local Athletes
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The next level is looking for you. What will they see?

The next level is looking for you.


Coaches, future teammates, recruiters - What do they see when they look at you?


When they check out your Instagram or TikTok, are they finding the person they want to be their next great player?

Or do they move on to the other players they met?

Have confidence knowing - when you meet a coach or recruiter at a tournament or skills camp - you have professional-quality visuals when the next level checks you out online.

Images that showcase who you are and why you're passionate about your sport.

Welcome to the Creative Sports Photography experience.

VIP Treatment

Autumn Rhoads-177-Edit.jpg

Every athlete portrait session with Creative Sports Photography is personalized so you can enjoy the experience. The session itself should be a great memory.

The Real You

CSP's focus is on connecting with you, understanding who you are and why you love playing. That connection is the most important part of any portrait experience.

Show the World

2023-05-22 PA Surge 14U-C-95.jpg

You'll have a whole gallery's-worth of images with CSP's signature lighting and portrait method available no where else. We also provide high-quality print products to make everyone envious.

I'm Dave Pidgeon, Creative Sports Photography's owner and chief image maker. I'm a former athlete, a youth sports coach, a parent, and a creative portrait lighting expert.

Fed up with out-dated and meaningless team picture days, I started CSP to elevate what it means to to enjoy an athlete portrait experience.

To read more, click here.

"Never have I come across a photographer that has so much passion for not only what he does but for the sport and player in general. A talent behind the lens but more importantly a friendly person."


-Derek M.

Hockey Dad

Getting started with Creative Sports Photography is easy.

Step One

Reach out to me at the CONTACT page. It's a simple form, and I'll reach out to have a quick conversation. We'll align a session plan for you so you can get the athlete portraits you've always imagined.

Step Two

2022-12-28 Peyton Englert-46.jpg

You can check CSP's calendar to see what dates and times are available. You can even reserve your preferred time, and when you do, I'll reach out to get the process started. Click to see the calendar.

Step Three


Every athlete portrait session begins with providing you with the VIP experience. Collaboration is key. All you have to do is be yourself. I'll bring the inspiration, the image making equipment, and the championship effort you deserve.

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About Creative Sports Photography

Creative Sports Photography provides athletes at all levels with an elite portrait photography experience unlike any other. You receive a premier portrait session that used to be available only to pro and high-level college athletes, but can be exclusively yours. The resulting images are meant to represent what playing means to you and to capture the attention of coaches and recruiters at the next level.

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