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Creative Sports Photography

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Athlete portraits that matter
Based in Lancaster, PA | Available anywhere

"The photographs he took of our son are beyond amazing. They literally took my breath away ..."

-Lori J.

You know that feeling you get when you realize this time in a youth or teenage athlete's life goes by way too fast?

That kid will grow up.


That kid we've raced to practice and for whom we've washed a uniform a thousand times, that kid we made frozen pizzas before a game and treated to ice cream afterwards, that kid we comforted after a tough loss and hugged in celebration after a huge accomplishment.


That's why with Creative Sports Photography, I make athlete portraits that reflect how they see themselves, and what this time means for them ...


And for you.

Are you ready for a meaningful athlete portrait experience?

Click the "BOOK NOW" box to secure a time.

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