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How CSP makes creative athlete portraits convenient for you

You're busy. Doesn't matter if the athlete in your family is in the middle of his or her season or if he or she is training for the off-season.

How nice is it to have just a few moments to exhale or enjoy a cup of coffee or stream some television without thinking of where you have to be in the next hour.

Sports require a commitment. A serious commitment. It's a commitment shared by not just the athlete but the parents, too.

Which makes time our most valuable and preciously rare commodity.

Girls high school volleyball players
CSP wants to make great athlete portraits easy and convenient for you.

I'm a parent of three kids and a youth soccer/baseball coach. While we give so much so willingly for our children to enjoy all the benefits of being involved in sports, it requires so much ... time.

That's why it's a high priority to make this creative athlete portrait service as easy and convenient as possible.

Portrait sessions should be enjoyable - dare I say it fun - for the athlete. They should be relaxing. They should be all about the athlete and ensuring they have joy in the experience, not stress.

Here's a list of the ways Creative Sports Photography makes portrait sessions trouble-free for everyone.

Creating a calendar so you can see if your preferred time is available

Before you ever decide if creative athlete portraits are right for you, you can check out my schedule to see if your preferred time is open.

I make it available by clicking right here.

And if CSP has availability at that perfect time, you can book it right away through that calendar so no one else gets it. Takes about 10 seconds.

High school boy does a karate punch
You can see if your preferred date and time is available before ever committing to booking a portrait session.

You can do this before you send a single email or make a single phone call to CSP. Of course, if you want to reach out to have questions answered, by all means, go for it.

But if you want to make sure the perfect time is yours and yours only, just click on the calendar and reserve your spot.

Keeping portrait sessions to just *one hour

(*unless you're having a great time)

You don't have all the time in the world to give a photographer.

This is especially true when the sports season is in full swing. Practices, games, tournaments - you are on the go six to seven days a week.

That's why I've designed athlete portrait sessions to last only one hour. That's it. Just one hour.

You would be amazed at what we can create together in only 60 minutes. Dozens, and I do mean dozens, of eye-popping portraits like you've never seen before of your athlete.

My goal is to arrive early so my assistant and I are set up and ready to go as soon as you get to the field, gym, court, or stadium.

There's one super important exception to this one-hour rule. If the athlete is having a blast, if we're jamming and making some amazing stuff, then yeah, of course, let's keep going. If you have the time!

Having the skill set to make athlete portraits any time of day

The most requested time for athlete portraits is, no surprise, evening right before sunset.

But what if you don't have a sunset time available? What if, instead, your athlete is free at lunch time on a Saturday or morning of a day off school?

No problem.

High school track star sitting on the track.
Having the skill set to make athlete portraits any time of day is essential to making this service convenient for you.

I believe professional photographers should be puzzle solvers.

It's our job to work at any time of day, in just about any condition, so that clients like you get amazing portraiture.

A lot of the images you see in my portfolio were made in the middle of the day when the light is harshest.

So if a sunset session is not the right time for you, no worries. We'll make amazing athlete portraits at any hour.

Making payments and ordering images easy

Everything, from booking a session to ordering prints, can be done online through my website.

That might seem like a no-brainer, but as I've learned as a parent and coach, that's not always the case with every sports photographer.

Youth baseball player ready to pitch.
I believe transparency in pricing is key to your athlete portrait experience.

And I've provided all my pricing on my website. I want to be transparent about how much athlete portraits cost, and I also want to save you the trouble of reaching out and having to wait for a pricing list.

Understanding how busy athletes and their families - that's at the heart of my athlete portrait business. My family's life is a lot like yours with soccer practices and camps, tournaments and shopping for gear (not to mention school and just keeping our home clean!).

If you have questions about athlete portraits, reach out to me at

And if you're ready to book, click here to see my calendar and reserve your preferred date and time.

I also don't want you to miss out on special events and other news. Subscribers are the first to know when CSP has something to announce, and you can sign up here, nice and easy.

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