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What are team photo experiences?

This business of athlete portraits began with a pretty simple idea - to change the status quo of team picture day.

I've been a school-age athlete, a parent, a coach, and yes, a photographer, on team picture day. And here's what I can with all my heart's honesty tell anyone about the experience.

It's lousy.

It really is. The players would rather be doing anything -- anything -- other than team pictures.

Parents get short-tempered because their children might be goofing off because, like I said, the kids would rather be doing something other than pictures. And yet you've paid for these pictures so you're hoping they turn out nice.

And don't get me started on the photographers.

Boys baseball team shouting from a bench.
CSP has designed a team photo experience unlike any other in Lancaster.

I say this with all due respect, but if you're a photographer who's simply shuffling youth athletes in front of your camera to take a few basic shots (hold the ball like this, look at me, clickclickclick, okay done), and then move on to the next, then, well, I'm sorry to say but it's clear your heart and soul are not into this.

Thus, Creative Sports Photography was born as a way to provide youth athletes with something better.

And now, the same stunning images I've been making with individual athletes I'm offering to teams.

What exactly do I mean by "team photo experiences?"

Imagine team picture day, only more dynamic.

Imagine team picture day, but instead of boring, routine experiences which result in boring photos, instead, it's more exciting.

And that leads to the kind of bold, dynamic, elite portraits you can expect from Creative Sports Photography.

That's why I call these "experiences." The service is meant to be an experience, to be of service to the team and athletes, instead of dull, uninspired photography.

Youth soccer team giving their best game faces.
A U8 soccer team from Penn Manor gives their best game faces.

When we do full team pictures, I'll arrange the athletes in a way that shows off the team chemistry, the camaraderie, and their competitiveness.

Then, we'll break into groups. Let's say if this was football, bring all the offensive linemen together. Or think about soccer and we group the attackers together. Maybe it's a varsity field hockey squad, and we'll group the graduating seniors together.

And finally, then we'll not only work on getting more intriguing, more meaningful individual portraits of every team member, but if we have time, we'll go for action shots.

Who are these team photo experiences for?

These are for teams who have a special bond.

These are for parents who wish to reward their children's teams for an accomplishment or because you are that big a fan.

These are for parents and athletes who want to do something special for their coaches.

These are for teams looking for better content on their marketing and social platforms.

These are for teams who want to show the community, the league, the world what they are all about.

Interested? Ready for a better picture day experience for the team? Reach out at 717-669-2026 or to sign up or learn more.

And don't forget to sign up for the CSP newsletter. That's where I announce special events, promotions, and other news you'll want to know about and I don't want you to miss it.


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