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Why athlete portraits make a great alternative to high school senior photos

Updated: May 18, 2022

Some where along the way, a new rite of passage became an integral part of a high school student's experience, usually starting right around the Spring semester of their junior year.

high school softball player
Hilary Murse | Softball | PA Strikers

High school senior portraits.

It's okay if you want to scream.

It's incredibly challenging to choose the right one for your teen at the right price. And what's more is you and your teen may not agree on the style you want, the way the senior pictures should look, and so on.

So okay, let's not stress out. Suffice it to say, we get it.

The truth is every high school student is unique, and for some, the routine high school senior photos just aren't a good fit. Not every teen wants to go strolling through a garden with flowers in bloom or sit on a lawn or lean against a brick wall and force a smile.

So ... what about an alternative?

A different kind of high school senior portrait session

For some students, the piece of their high school experience that shines through and eclipses all others is their journey as an athlete.

And right now, it's incredibly challenging to find a high school senior portrait photographer in and around Lancaster, Pa., whose niche is athlete portraits.

Especially the kind that takes a little extra something on the creative side.

High school soccer player standing with a ball
Aiden McBride | Soccer | Manheim Township Soccer Club

And if there's one thing we know about a lot of teenagers, they want something unique.

They want something that stands out. They want something that represents who they are in ways a lot of their peers don't have.

And we can provide that kind of portrait experience.

Some reasons why athlete portraits are an excellent choice

Creative Sports Photography began as a way to provide student-athletes and their families something better - photography that's more dynamic, bolder, more accurately representative of the athlete and what the sports mean to him or her - than someone might get on team photo day.

Given the hours of practice, the memories, the grit, the wins and losses, the kind of athlete portraits the pros get, well, they should be available to you and your student-athlete, too.

And if your teen would rather wear their jersey, to have their portraits taken on their home field or court or wherever they compete, instead of what everyone else is doing with their senior portraits, Creative Sports Photography provides that service.

Girl lacrosse player at sunset
Autumn Rhoads | Lacrosse | Hempfield

What's more is your teenager can use the images we create together to better market themselves to college recruiters, to showcase their athlete selves on social, or announce where they're going to play at the college level.

And lastly, for a lot of student-athletes, it's critical for them to have a photographer who understands what it means to be a competitor. Who understands their sport. Who can see things at their level.

As someone who competed throughout his teens, as someone who today coaches youth sports, as someone who works year-round as a sports photographer, I can be that kind of photographer for your student-athlete.

If you have any questions about this or would like to sign up for a portrait session with Creative Sports Photography, reach out by email ( or by phone (717-669-2026).

And to join our email list, where we make announcements about special portrait rates along with other news, fill out the form below so you don't miss out:


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