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White jerseys, grass stains, and all the things you need to know about team picture day wardrobes

By now, I'm sure, you've learned something about Creative Sports Photography, me, and my approach to making athlete portraits.

My job, in service to you, is to create the best, most bold and dynamic and elite portraits of the athlete in your family. Regardless of location. Regardless of weather.

And regardless of jersey color.

I get a lot of questions from parents about uniforms and what their player should wear as they prep for Team Picture Day.


Believe it or not, sometimes it can stress a parent out. That's okay. I'm here to help.

Let's answer those questions today.

What about white jerseys

Probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to prepping for team picture day is this one:

Should my player wear a white jersey?

This comes from an understandable place. Parents are concerned about whether the on-location studio lights will cause brightness problems if the team wears white.

I'm happy to tell you that yes, if you want your team to wear white, go for it. Or any color, for that matter.

I have developed a signature portrait lighting style that includes knowing exactly what to do no matter the color of the uniform.

2022-10-10 Post Brothers-27.jpg
Penn Manor Softball 12U-23.jpg

Grass, dirt, eye black, all the good stuff

This is a big one. 

A lot of parents want their players and their uniforms to look pristine. After all, these pictures might end up on the dresser of a grandparent or the wall of a parent's office.

And CSP will do everything to keep it that way. 

However ...

I want to encourage everyone to consider something.

If a player is a dirtball. If a player won't step onto a field without eye black. If a player likes wearing her hat backwards. If a player is known for being a certain kind of competitor that comes home from every game with grass stains on the uniform and dirt coming off in a cloud of dust with every step ...

That's perfect. When we can let them be themselves, that makes for better athlete portraits.

Just something to think about.

What else can we bring?

Bring whatever you want.

Pads, helmets, gloves, a favorite baseball bat, a lucky charm, whatever it is, bring it.

I'm here to capture your team as it is. It's character. It's quirks. It's uniqueness.

If there's an object that's special to your player or your team, feel free to bring it and I'll do the best I can to incorporate it into Team Picture Day somehow. 

I like the challenge.

As far as pads and helmets go, that often depends on the sport and the preferences of the team, its coaches, and parents. Generally, I like to go with what they would wear while playing. But it's fine if you didn't want the players in pads and helmets.

PMSC 11F-3.jpg
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