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Which one to pick?!
Let's make choosing prints as easy as possible

Oh boy, my friend, have I been there.

Honestly, here I am a professional photographer, and the truth is - there are a lot of empty spaces on the wall of my home.

Why? Well, like you, I find it hard to choose one, three, or five photos to print for a gallery.

Which ones to pick? What size? What finish?

Someone help!!!

That's why I wanted to create this easy-to-use guide to help you plan on what prints you hope to purchase when your CSP proofing gallery is publish.

Let's dive in.

Why prints matter today

A quick note here at the start. This is the sacred ground I stand upon:

Prints matter. Absolutely. 

In this digital world, we can enjoy both digital image files and printed photos. They both have their upsides.

Downloads are easily forgotten, however. They're great for like a day, getting you likes and comments on your social feeds.

And then, they're gone, lost to an iPhone archive or a computer folder.

Prints, however, are permanent. They come with no pop up ads or distractions. They set a tone for a room, and they signify what you value.

2023-11-29 Chris Delgado-39.jpg
2023-09-12 Manheim Township Cheer-10.jpg

Picking the right size print

The most important first step when planning a print purchase is about placement.

Where will these prints go?

That helps determine the size you want to go with. 

Sizes like a 5x7" or 8x10" are best used framed and standing on a table, desk, dresser, and so on.

Larger sizes, starting at 10x13" and 11x14" on up, those are meant for wall spaces.

Also, if you have a space that feels narrow (like a hallway), choose horizontal prints or a gallery that includes one or more horizontal prints.

The opposite is true for spaces like rooms that might have low ceilings. If you want to make your space feel as if the ceiling is higher, try going with vertical prints (or a gallery that includes one or more vertical prints).

Choosing the right finish

Next up is choosing the right print finish.

You often have three choices:

  • Matte

  • Glossy

  • Lustre

It comes down to (no surprise!) the space where you plan to display your prints

If you are in a room with a lot of sunlight, then go with a matte finish. Matte finish has tremendous color and cuts down on glare.

However, in a place like a hallway where there's little to no natural light, then go with glossy. Glossy colors pop and are designed to reflect more efficiently available light. In a brightly lit room, however, glossy photos tend to have too much glare.

Can't decide? Think your space is somewhere in between? That's what a lustre finish is for.

Overlook Swim Team-121.jpg

Canvas or Metal - When it's time for something special

Sometimes a print and a frame fall a little short. Sometimes you want something extraordinary.

That's what framed canvas and ready-to-hang metal prints are about.

Canvas prints, I think, make gorgeous heirlooms.


They're perfect for brightly lit rooms, and I think they're made for portraits like casual high school senior images. There's just something about the texture of the canvas when a casual portrait is printed on it. That's why they're exclusively offered through CSP's high school senior lifestyle portrait service.

Metal prints, those are born for athlete portraits. Simply put - they're breathtaking.

Their colors jump off the aluminum material, and with CSP, your metal prints come with free ready-to-hang mounts. Great for display in low lit rooms (think finished basements, man caves, offices, and so on).

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