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How weather can affect team picture day

If there's one thing ... just one thing ... that can impact team picture day with Creative Sports Photography, that's the weather. 

CSP uses high end on-location lighting to deliver athlete portraits. It's a critical part of the service and a crucial way CSP differentiates itself from other team photo services.

That means high winds and precipitation can impact team picture day. But you know what? That's true for any photography service, even natural light photographers who don't use fancy strobes.

Today, let's dive into how weather can impact team picture day and what you can expect.

Team Pictures Any Time of Day

Let's face it. Everyone loves a great sunset, and if we can get a great sunset for team picture day, the results are eye popping.

But that's not always possible.

Sometimes a whole team can't get together until late afternoon in the harshest sun light imaginable.

For CSP, that's no problem. Go ahead and schedule that noontime photo session.

I wanted to create an athlete portrait service that can deliver fantastic results any time of day. 

So if your team picture day happens in less-than-ideal natural light conditions, my job is to make the best possible athlete and team portraits with the conditions we've been given. 

Overlook Swim Team-319.jpg

Embrace a cloudy day

I know. I feel it too. The disappointment that comes with a cloudy day for team picture day.

We all want that rich blue sky as our background, me included.

However, I want to encourage you all to embrace the clouds, too. 

Clouds can make for dramatic backgrounds in athlete portraits.

To be honest, I get as excited for cloudy days as much as I do sunny days.

Part of my job is to make you say "Wow!" no matter what the sky looks like.

Wind and Rain: Not quite kryptonite but bad enough

The two elements of weather that wreak havoc on team picture day are wind and rain.

Let's tackle wind first.

Windy conditions, usually about 15-20 mph, can do some serious damage to CSP's lighting system.

Fortunately, I have methods in place to adjust that can keep everyone and the equipment safe. But if winds go above 20 mph, chances are, we'll have to postpone.

Rain is the other factor. Even a sustained light rain can damage the equipment. Rain would definitely prompt a postponement.

Some of you might immediately have a question that just popped into your minds. And I'm going to answer it in the next section.

2023-08-10 Penn Manor Cheerleaders-6.jpg
2023-05-22 PA Surge 14U-C-49.jpg

CSP's Style: Bold, Dynamic, Elite

Dave, if it's windy or if there's a little bit of rain, why not ditch the studio lights and just use natural light?

You might've thought about that question during the previous section.

Why do I have to use studio strobe lights during team picture day?

It's because the studio lights are essential to the high quality athlete portraits CSP delivers. 

I aim to provide teams, players, and parents with images they can't get anywhere else.

One way I do that is with studio lights. It's central to the service and products I deliver.

If we have to postpone for weather, I will do everything I can to find a new date that works.


And so far, I've never had to fully cancel.

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