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Every athlete has a story. How CSP tells yours.

Updated: May 18, 2022

It might surprise you (then again, it might not) to know that while I'm a full-time athlete photographer, my college degree is in ... English.

That's right. English with a concentration in professional writing. My minor? Mass communication.

Why that's relevant to creating unique, dynamic athlete portraits here in Lancaster, Pa., is simple.

Girl soccer player by the net
Kendal Achen | Soccer | Manheim Central

Whether with images or words or both, I'm in the business of storytelling.

Your story as an athlete, more specifically.

I've added a new element to the athlete portrait experience, one that helps CSP tell your story.

Before your portrait session, I'll send you a brief questionnaire to learn more about your journey as an athlete.

Questions include:

  • What coach or mentor changed how you play or who you are for the better?

  • What challenge or setback have you overcome?

  • What kind of teammate are you? Fun and lively? A quiet leader who leads by example? The one who gets your teammates fired up?

  • What first attracted you to the sport you play?

Answers to these questions make for better portrait sessions.

Why? Because athlete portrait photography is meant to capture who you are as a person and competitor through a collection of images.

That's one reason why I enjoy working one-on-one with athletes or in creative ways with teams.

A portrait photographer's creativity flows through who you are. The camera, the studio lights, the composition, the technique, those are all just tools, the means to the end product.

High school girls lacrosse player at sunset
Autumn Rhoads | Lacrosse | Hempfield

But when you receive your gallery, when you upload it to your social channels or on college recruiting websites, they should trumpet out into the world -- Here I am and this is who I am.

That's the promise I make to you. That's the greater value CSP provides. Those are the stories the images and words should tell.

That's the difference between working with CSP or depending on a quick-and-easy image from team photo day.

If you'd like to sign up for an athlete portrait session with Creative Sports Photography, reach out by email ( or by phone (717-669-2026).

And if you'd like to sign up for the CSP newsletter, here's the form:

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