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Finally, a high school senior portrait service for you

We are a saturated market when it comes to portrait services for high school seniors.

When you go to look at what's available for high school senior portraits, you begin to notice something. A few things actually, but one curious thing stands out.

The portraits out there, they all look ... the same.

A lot of the work is downright gorgeous. I have friends who provide high school senior portraits, and their vision is stunning and I support them 100 percent.

But not every teenager wants that dreamy-in-a-wildflower-field look.

Or they do but they're more than just someone who's gonna smile at a camera for an afternoon among snapdragons and roses.

Some teens want more. Something unique. Something elite. Something creative. Something that's gonna stand out from their peers.

A high school swimmer looks up in his cap and goggles from the pool.
Welcome to the new high school senior lifestyle portraits with CSP.

A high school senior portrait service that represents more completely who they are, from the competitor to the casual, from their home field or court to their favorite hangout.

Welcome to Creative Sports Photography's new high school senior lifestyle portrait experiences.

More than just an athlete. Teens are multi-dimensional

I wanted to design a high school senior portrait service that my own children would want when they become high school juniors and can see that last, all-important year approaching.

My children play sports. They also love doing other things like cooking, reading, playing video games, traveling, riding their bike, and so on.

High school girl poses with a city skyline in the background

The pictures from team picture day just don't cut it. Not when it comes to representing everything that they are.

I'll bet your teenager is similar. They're competitors, for sure, and so much of their lives and their character grows from those experiences on the field or court or in the pool.

But they also enjoy a variety of activities, hobbies, places. When the last whistle blows and the jersey/uniform goes to the laundry, there are other paths or dreams to pursue. There are other paths they walk. Other memories and experiences that make them who they are.

I want a high school senior lifestyle portrait service to better represent all of it. That respects all of it.

And do so with the elite lighting style that you've come to expect from Creative Sports Photography.

How CSP's high school senior lifestyle portrait service works

I've worked with several graduating seniors, and I've found a workflow that works well.

And by well, I mean a portrait workflow respects the teenager in front of the camera and provides a relaxing, fun atmosphere. A workflow that's efficient and moves at a pace for everyone's enjoyment.

It can be broken up into two sessions or one epic day, whatever your preference. Personally, I think two sessions works best, but the choice is yours.

High school boy leans against a tree with autumn foliage in the background

Youth hockey player gets ready for a face off at the ice rink

One session is for the elite athlete portraits you've come to love from Creative Sports Photography. Grab your jersey, let's meet at your home field, court or pool, and rock a whole gallery of athlete portraits.

The second session is for casual high school senior portraits. Let's find a place that's special to your graduating senior, a place they love and where they feel comfortable. Where they feel like their true selves.

Is it in the city? A favorite coffeeshop? A park? The beach?

Wherever that might be, that to me is the ideal location for high school senior portraits.

What's the price of CSP's high school senior portrait service?

Pricing is simple, and it gives you and your graduating senior a choice.

It's broken down into three options:

  • First option is just a 1-on-1 athlete portrait session. Forget all the dress up and pomp. Let's get into uniform and where your teen loves to play, and CSP can provide you with the kind of portraits it does best. This option is just strictly athlete portraits and the investment is $345.

  • The second option is just a 1-on-1 casual lifestyle portrait session. Maybe your teen isn't an athlete or doesn't want athlete portraits. Instead, you and your graduating senior are looking to have high-end portraits taken in a more casual atmosphere. Great! CSP can provide that, and the investment is the same as athlete portraits at $345.

  • The third option is a combination of both. It provides your graduating teen with the all-around, elite portrait service he or she deserves. It creates a gallery that represents him or her more completely, from the competitor to the casual. The sessions can be spread out over two amazing experiences or combined into one epic day. The investment allows you to save about 15 percent. The investment cost of this package is $595.

The investment cost covers our time together as well as professionally editing the images and the online proofing gallery from which you can order print and digital products you'll love.

High school girl sits and smiles by a pool.

Speaking of prints and digital products, I'll be there to help you pick out the right options for you and your family.

CSP's portraits are made to be printed and printed big. Wait until you see your teen in a breathtaking 16x24 print or a gallery of wall-mounted metal prints.

All those options can been seen here.

Are you ready to start? Want to learn more or be among the first to find out when dates for senior portraits are open? Just fill out the form below.


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