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Of course athlete portraits make great gifts!

Given how stale the genre has grown, it might not have occurred to many of us to think of athlete portraits as a perfect gift.

I don't think, prior to starting Creative Sports Photography, I ever gave a picture of my kids from team picture day as a gift.

Why would any of us when the pictures were only so-so?

But now with CSP, there are several different gift ideas that are worthwhile, especially heading into the holiday season.

Today, I want to share a few gift ideas related to athlete portraits that might spark some thought about giving something special to someone who is, well, special to you.

Celebrate the athlete

There was this amazing moment. You should've seen the boy's face.

A mom and dad led their son, who plays multiple sports, up to a local high school football stadium, where they met me.

Little leaguer smiling at a camera.
Some CSP clients have used athlete portraits as a treat for the athlete in their family.

They used an athlete portrait session to surprise him. And mercy did he love it.

Athlete portrait sessions can be given as gifts to celebrate an athlete.

Great portrait photography can boost self-esteem and be a sign of how much you love and appreciate the athlete in your family.

And athlete portrait sessions can be used to celebrate an accomplishment. Maybe a achieving a personal record or making a varsity squad or earning a college scholarship.

Or maybe they just love playing and you want to capture that in a way that will endure long after their playing days have ended.

You're their No. 1 fan. This is one gift that can show it.

Thank the coaches

Is it me or is coaching a youth sports squad about as difficult a volunteer job as it gets in America?

And at the high school or college level?

That's a lot of pressure a person takes on willingly, and the best of them turn out to be mentors to our children.

A soccer team standing in front of a goal.
Large prints like 16x24 make great gifts to show how much you appreciate someone.

There's a way to thank them.

One of CSP's signature products is a 16x24 print.

They're gorgeous. The color pops. Put it in a frame, hang it on a wall, and watch jaws drop when people see it.

A print from a team portrait session makes a great gift as a thank you to a coach or a parent or a volunteer who meant so much to the team.

Treat yourselves!

Who says athlete portraits have to just be for individuals?

I didn't.

And I own CSP.

Baseball players stand in the dugout.
Get teammates together for an athlete portrait session.

Imagine what an athlete portrait session would be like if you brought some of your teammates together.

Imagine if you could bring all the graduating seniors from a varsity squad together to make one more lasting memory.

You can totally do that. It would be a blast and a way to treat yourselves to a gift.

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