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We can do better than just one bad photo

There's something we parents need to get off our chests.

Why why why do we only receive one mediocre picture of the athlete in our family from team picture day?

That's it. Just one.

Sure, it comes with a team picture.

But otherwise, we exchange money for a single image of this child we love, support, and drive all over kingdom come so they can play the sport they love.

And why for all this love and support (plus the money we pay) do we parents not get a variety from which to choose?

Youth hockey player portrait
Shouldn't you be allowed to see the images before you buy them?

And we don't even get to see that picture before we buy it?

What's with that? Are these photographers afraid to show us their work before we buy?

Why would that be?

This isn't 1995. It's not even 2015.

Photographers, we can do better than this.

A little effort goes a long way in athlete portraits

Let's imagine something better, something different, something that's a little bit more contemporary than the way athlete portraits were done in yesteryear.

This can work whether it's team picture day or you've hired a photographer take make portraits just for the athlete in your own family.

Imagine before you've ordered a single photo, you receive a link to an online collection of images.

High school softball player tossing a ball.
It is possible to have a better photography experience.

That gallery has a variety of images from which you can choose to buy.

Maybe three to five different portraits of your student-athlete.

Maybe a few different team portraits.

Maybe groups of graduating seniors or friends or siblings or groups like all the pitchers or goaltenders.

How about an action shot or two?

The truth is an experienced pro photographer can make five different portraits of the same player in the same spot in about five minutes.

That's it. That's all it takes.

And imagine what a pro photographer can do for you if you've hired her or him just for your athlete!

Give us one hour, and we'll make dozens of portraits and action shots.

What it requires is a commitment - to you, your family, your team or club to be creative and provide ... wait for it ... value.

This isn't revolutionary. It's just common sense.

I can't think of a better way to put this.

What I'm talking about is just simple common sense.

It's no surprise so many parents have stopped buying pictures from team photo days.

As photographers (and I say this as a coach and parent of athletes), we oughta be delivering a high-value experience for our clients.

Swimmers smiling for an athlete portrait.
What if the photographer provided not just individual portraits but a few shots with your friends/teammates?

We photographers ought to have enough confidence in our work to show you the parents the portraits we create of your student-athlete, then let you order the one or ones you want to buy.

This is your money. This is your family's athlete we're talking about here.

We can do better than the way it's been.

I know. I've done it.

That's why my athlete portrait business exists.

I was that parent (and coach) who stopped buying bad team pictures.

I was that parent who wanted someone to provide better images of my kids and provide a variety of images from which to choose.

And if you feel that way too, CSP is here for you.

Next steps. If you're interested in booking an athlete portrait session, check out open dates and times by clicking here.

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