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What to bring to your athlete portrait session

Hey there!

I know this question about what to bring to your athlete portrait session might seem a little, I dunno, obvious.

But you'd be surprised how often I get asked this question.

Let's get to the answer. It will go a long way to helping you and the athlete in your family feel prepared for what I aim to be the best portrait photography experience they've ever had.

Do I am high? Heck yes I do!

What uniform to bring

Let's get to the big priority - What to wear!

This choice will be part of our pre-session planning. And it's important to consider because chances are, the athlete in your family plays for school and club, and each of them have multiple uniform choices.

And there's another option to consider, but we'll get to that.

First, the choice of uniform comes down to personal preference. Which one do you like best? A home jersey or away jersey?

And if you like more than one, great! We can factor a uniform change into our time together.

A quick note about white jerseys, because I get asked this from time to time.

They are no trouble. At all.

One of the reasons you hire a service like Creative Sports Photography is knowing how to problem solve, and in this case, I know exactly how to use on-location studio lighting and white uniforms. All good.

Oh, and that other option? You can totally go casual if you wish. Imagine jeans and your jersey. Perfectly fine.

Just comes down to your personal preference.

What about the equipment?

Oh yeah, definitely bring your gear.

All of it.

For example, helmets. Baseball helmets, softball, football, lacrosse ... whatev's.

They're perfect for what CSP does. So are softball bats, eye black, gloves, lacrosse sticks, all of it.

I'll use some or all of it during the course of the session as a way to enhance the portraits.

Something of sentimental value

I still have the baseball glove my grandfather gifted me when I was in first grade.

It's massive. Waaaay bigger than any elementary school-age kid should have. It's so gargantuan that it earned the nickname "Laundry Basket."

It's the kind of thing that was part of my own athletic journey. Parenthood too. I used it to play catch with my own kids.

So if you have something like that, something that gives the athlete in your family all the nostalgia or sentimentality, bring it.

An old hat. Your first baseball bat. A good luck charm. A varsity jacket. Anything.

I'll incorporate it into your portrait session. I find that kind of thing has enormous potential creatively.

Whatever you bring to an athlete portrait session, it spurs as much photographic creativity as anything else.

Hope this post helps!

And if you're ready to get started with athlete portraits, it's super easy. You can begin by clicking here.

Dave Pidgeon is the owner of and chief image maker at Creative Sports Photography, Central and Southeast Pennsylvania's premier athlete portrait service. You can contact him by email at


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