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You don't have to wait for senior night to make meaningful portraits

Senior night.

The last regular season home game of a student-athlete's career.

This is it.

It just might be the last time a group of seniors who have been on a journey together, have forged friendships and shared experiences together, it might be the last time they share a field of competition together.

Graduating members of a girls varsity volleyball team.
Senior night is one game everyone remembers for the rest of their lives.

For many student-athletes, it's hard to get through all the ceremony without feeling even a little pang of sadness for the end of the journey with your friends and fans.

One thing you don't wish to worry about is whether the photographer you hired that night is going to "get it."

You don't want to worry about whether the photographer is going to capture what this night means for the players, for the coaches, for you, their No. 1 fan.

What if there was a worry-free option?

What if there was a way for you to not even think about the photography on senior night and you get images that accurately reflect the occasion?

What if you could deliver something unique and special to the players, the coaches, and the other parents?

Let's get the seniors together BEFORE senior night

Who says the pictures for senior night have to be done on senior night?

Whether it's portraits of each individual player or the tear-on-the-cheek photo with a player and his/her parents, there's no rule that says you have to wait until the last regular season home game.

By waiting until then, you're taking a chance on a few things:

  • Will the weather cooperate? Sometimes it doesn't (and it can cancel a regular season game or make things, well, miserable).

  • Will the photographer make good photos? It's super hard to do when so much is going on. What if the photographer screws up that night or get sick and can't make it? There are no do-overs for senior night. The opportunity for those images which you wanna keep are lost forever.

  • Aren't the players likely concentrating on playing the game and their teammates (and not the photos), especially if playoffs are on the line?

  • Aren't you and the players trying to soak in every moment because the senior night experience is super important? It's one you will definitely remember for the rest of your life. The photos or the photographer, they could be a distraction rather than a net positive to the evening.

Let's work with an idea here.

What if you gathered all the graduating seniors on a team and their parents before senior night?

Graduating members of a hockey team stand by the net.
You'd be amazed at what we can create with just one hour.

What if you took just one hour to create athlete portraits of the individual players, all the seniors together, and each player with his/her parents?

Just. One. Hour.

What if you did that with enough time to order posters and prints to show off during senior night? You know those collages a lot of parents make to honor the graduating seniors? You could include eye-popping athlete portraits on them.

It's easy and convenient to make it happen

Let's make this super easy.

Step one, click here to check out the CSP calendar to see what dates and times are open for athlete portrait sessions.

Step two, find a time that works for all the graduating seniors and their parents.

Step three, reach out to CSP by clicking here about booking your preferred time and date.

Sisters who run track together stand close at sunset.
Three steps is all it takes to make great graduating senior portraits.

That's it. No really, that's how you make meaningful senior night portraits unlike anything you may have had before happen.

Portraits, dare I say, you and the players will want to keep.

If you have five or more graduating seniors, there's no upfront cost for booking that hour. Less than five, there's a $255 session fee, which you can divvy up among the participating parents.

This way, going into senior night, you can relax because you're going to have images you'll love, portraits of all the graduating seniors that will be part of an incredible and memorable night.

Creative Sports Photography provides athlete and team portrait experiences for youth, high school, college, and pro sports. Based in Lancaster, Pa., and available anywhere, CSP creates portraits that reflect what this time competing and playing sports means to an athlete. Contact CSP’s CEO and chief image maker Dave Pidgeon if you’re interested in booking a session.

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