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Hey! What exactly is an athlete portrait experience?

The idea of a high-end, creative portrait photography service just for local athletes is kind of a new concept.

Sure, there are portrait photographers out there who do family photos and high school senior photos and sports.

But a portrait service made for athletes? Just athletes?

And one that doesn't settle for mediocre pictures which end up in a desk drawer or a box in a storage closet? Yeah, that's new.

And it's real.

High school girls soccer player looking in the distance
You can now get the athlete portraits you always imagined.

Parents have been enjoying high-quality, amazing portraits of their favorite athletes (their kids and teenagers) for some time now.

The kind of portraits they actually want to print and frame prominently on a wall.

Not kidding. These prints are gorgeous!

That's my goal for you, too. Today, I want to share with you just what creative athlete portraits are all about.

A proven method to deliver athlete portraits you want

The simplest way to explain athlete portraits is with concrete details.

I work with local athletes, often one-on-one, for about an hour to 90 minutes.

We meet at a place, usually their home field or court or pool, some place that has meaning for them, and in the time we have together, we're going to deliver image after image after image like they never before imagined.

We'll move around the area. The dugout, center court, along a fence, at a goal. Each place we can make several different looks so you have a large variety of portraits from which to choose (or choose them all!).

Boy baseball player inside a stadium.
I've developed a proven athlete portrait method to deliver high quality results.

I've developed a unique portrait method for athletes and their families that provide images they actually want.

Oh, and I'm not just talking about the static kind of images, either. We're talking about athletes here. Let's get moving!

The grand finale is often action portraits to showcase their skillset. They're often an athlete's favorite.

This time is fleeting ... and irreplaceable

When's the last time, if I may ask, you or the athlete in your family can say they actually enjoyed having their picture taken?

When was the last time a photographer during picture day actually talked to the athlete, got to know them, respect them, understand what makes them the competitor they are and what playing means?

I could spend all day talking about camera gear and how my lighting method brings out the best portraits, but that's not the foundation of great athlete portraits.

The foundation is understanding the person standing there looking at the camera.

High school girl swimmer holding her goggles
This time in the life of a youth athlete is fleeting ... and irreplaceable.

These experiences aren't about the photography or the photographer. Anyone can take a picture of an athlete with an cellphone or a camera.

It's about the athlete and creating images that truly represent who they are and what this time in their lives mean.

Once this time is gone -- once the last game is played, once the uniform is put away and the teammates gone their separate ways -- there's no getting it back.

It's too precious to leave to mediocre photography.

Here's a video to help illustrate it:

If you're the No. 1 fan of the athlete in your family, if you know what it means to your child to play a sport they love, then you'll want to have something that will endure as long as the memories do.

That's what an athlete portrait experience is all about.

If you're ready for an elevated kind of portrait experience, if you're ready to make a new memory in your own sports journey, start by clicking here and booking your preferred time on the calendar.


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