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Why now is the right time to schedule Spring athlete portraits

Yes, I can promise you, I've looked at the calendar.

It's the end of November. There's plenty of leftovers in the fridge, and if you haven't already, you're about to Clark Griswold the daylights out of your home.

So why the heck am I talking today about Spring sports and athlete portraits?

Dave, can't we at least get the NFL playoffs before we start chatting about baseball, softball, volleyball, track, and so on?

Hate to break it to you, but we need to be chatting about athlete portraits and Spring sports right now.

As I write this, I'm already having discussions with three large sport clubs about providing them with team portrait experiences. I'm talking about dozens of teams, and if they book, it will fill up the calendar quick.

It's not even December yet. But prime times and dates in, let's say, April, could become scarce before the next calendar year even starts.

You don't want to be that team, booster club president, or parent who misses the opportunity to book the photographer you really want.

You want to be the proactive parent or team Mom. You want to be able to say before the New Year's even started that a huge part of your Spring season to-do list is already done.

Here's something else to think about.

A lot of portrait photographers raise their prices on January 1. For many, it's a time when they're planning how to be more profitable in the coming year.

Here's an insider secrete - Book before Jan. 1 for the Spring, and a lot photographers will honor their pricing at the time of booking.

Being proactive right now could save you some money.

So if you haven't started already, it's time to reach out to a photographer.

But, Dave, we haven't even had sign ups, let alone a practice schedule yet.

I know. You're right.

But imagine being able to tell prospective players and their paying families, who might sign up with you or another club, that you have a fantastic team portrait experience lined up for them as part of their season with you.

If you're looking for individual portrait services like high school senior lifestyle, waiting means you're competing with other seniors, youth athletes, and teams.

Booking now, however, when a photographer's calendar is wide open means you get first dibs on your preferred photographer and that photographer's calendar.

The message here is to avoid hesitation. Jump in before the New Year. Be the booster club volunteer or the head coach or the loving parent who books Spring athlete portrait sessions before any one else.

If you're interested in what Creative Sports Photography can do, just reach out at this link.

Dave is the owner and chief image maker for Creative Sports Photography, an elite portrait service for athletes and teams. CSP is based in Lancaster, Pa., and available anywhere.


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