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Why you can schedule great athlete portraits any time of day

Let's just be upfront about this - Sunset is prime time for elite athlete portraiture.

You've seen them in the portfolio. The color of the sky and clouds, the stadiums, the whole look. Ah-mazing.

However, it's super important to know -- the kind of stunning athlete portraits Creative Sports Photography makes can happen at any time of day.

Morning. Mid-Day. Cloudy. Doesn't matter.

A baseball shortstop leaps off second base
Anytime of day works for great athlete portraits.

When I started CSP, it was critical for this service to deliver results at any time of day.

Why? Because you're busy. Way busy. Practices, games, tournaments ... it never seems to end.

You might only have time for an hour of athlete portraits at noon or 3 p.m. or at 5 p.m., which typically are challenging times of day when it comes to light and portraits.

A girl swimmer with arms folded.
This image was taken in one of the worst lighting conditions you can imagine.

Or that coveted sunset time has been taken by someone else.

Don't worry.

Check out all the images in this post.

A youth hockey player holds a stick.
It's important your photographer knows what to do under any lighting condition.

They were taken during some of the worst lighting conditions imaginable.

And its proof that you can schedule creative athlete portraits any time you are available. When it's convenient for you.

Creative Sports Photography provides athlete and team portrait experiences for youth, high school, college, and pro sports. Based in Lancaster, Pa., and available anywhere, CSP creates portraits that reflect what this time competing and playing sports means to an athlete. Contact CSP’s CEO and chief image maker Dave Pidgeon if you’re interested in booking a session.


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